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Column: A ‘Racist State’? Or Do We Mean a Racist Congresswoman?

We all know what brought this on. The resolution targeted Jayapal for labeling Israel a “racist state” when she addressed the liberal Netroots Nation in Chicago on the previous Saturday night. On Sunday, her fellow Democrats protested, prompting Jayapal to revise her original remarks.

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Column: Omar’s Removal is a Frightful Omen for All Other Israel-Bashers

As the competing votes tracked upward on the Congressional scoreboard last week, my memory summoned up a moment more than two decades ago when I spotted an anti-Israel sketch posted on a bulletin board at work. It featured a message that compared Israel to the civil rights struggles in the South.

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Column: Deborah Lipstadt’s Nomination: 6-Month Delay Thanks to A 6-Year-Old’s Mindset

Tracking Nancy Pelosi’s Gazpacho police must be a rigorous chore, yet the idiocy of the congresswoman who fabricated the story hardly compares with blocking the appointment of an antisemitism monitor or undermining the attorney-general over disruptions at local school board meetings that weaponize antisemitism.

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Looming: The GOP’s Anti-Squad

A Republican “Squad” has much potential to counter Democratic representatives who have been operating a four-woman faction known as the Squad for the last two years, but the Republicans’ comments already suggest that they will overreach, threatening to transform extremists among Democrats into political martyrs.

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Congress: Polis Will Attend – DeGette Will Snub Netanyahu Speech

Jared Polis, Bibi Netanyahu, and Diana DeGette

Radio Chavura contacted each of Colorado’s national Congressional representatives and is reporting exclusively that Congresswoman DeGette is the only one of the nine elected officials who has said she will definitively not attend Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech.

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Israel Supporter U.S. Rep. Lamborn Defies Stereotypes

Radio Chavura host Maxwell Rotbart and U.S. Congressman Doug Lamborn

Those who believe that the so-called “Jewish Lobby” dictates American policy toward the Middle East, should get to know Doug Lamborn, one of the most consistent pro-Israel representatives in the United States Congress.

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