Response: In Defense of Congresswoman Diana DeGette

Response: In Defense of Congresswoman Diana DeGette

To the Editor:

We were deeply dismayed to read Dean Rotbart’s shameful and erroneous attack on Congresswoman Diana DeGette, a proven public servant with an unquestionable devotion to Israel’s security and wellbeing.

Suggesting that ones pro-Israel credentials can be revoked based on ones attendance at any single event–no matter how controversial–is a fallacious argument. Congresswoman DeGette has been nothing if not a steadfast friend to Israel throughout her nearly 20 years in Congress, consistently supporting US financial and military aid to Israel, as well as Israel’s right to defend herself from her enemies.

Further, Congresswoman DeGette is well-known for her commitment to preventing a nuclear-armed Iran, having supported sanctions to bring Iran to the negotiating table, and now backs the Obama administration in its efforts to reach a true deal that offers what we believe is the best possible opportunity to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

“Grotesquely partisan politics?” “A slap in the face to thousands of pro-Israel constituents?” Really?

On the contrary: The fact that Congresswoman DeGette’s actions do not kow-tow to Netanyahu’s blatant pre-election political maneuvers speaks for her integrity and expresses the values of many authentically pro-Israel Coloradans who Mr. Rotbart is not counting in his assessment.

Respectfully submitted,
Rabbi Tirzah Firestone and Mr. David Friedman

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  1. Portions of President Obama's deal with Iran have been leaked out or let out, but one wonders whether the authors of this letter are listening or just regurgitating talking points. It is not contrived that the Obama Administration is gunning to take down Netanyahu and has made it a focal point themselves to attack everyone over a silly argument about protocol when Israel feels its very life is at stake. For some relief from sanctions, which were working enough to scare Iran to the negotiating table, and then some posturing about feckless agreements (about which the Israelis say Iran got 80% of what they wanted), Iran is supposed to help the US out in stabilizing the Middle East. This is a long run plan Obama hopes to conclude before the end of his 2nd term, and his failure to support the Iranian Green Revolution of 2009 against the Mullahs is part and parcel of his on-going attempt to supplant American influence for Iranian influence in the region. In short, he wants to partner with Iran and doesn't want the Israelis to scuttle the plan. Like a mafia godfather, Israel is expendable. At least the risks to Israel are worth the idealism. He has been playing this game since his 2009 Cairo speech to the Muslim world. Go read it.