Submission Guidelines

Boulder Jewish News is an online-site for local news and educational information, including opinion, guest blogs, reviews of events, stories about the community and the people who make this a community, and a Community Calendar, created by members of the community.


The following are the guidelines for submissions by eligible non-profit organizations.

1) Community organizations may designate a person to register and submit news directly, subject to Boulder Jewish News content approval.  This way, the byline is from a  member of the organization; registered users are people, not organizations.   This approach gives the organization the opportunity to tell more of a story.  News may include event information, organizational information of a “newsy” nature, interviews, press releases, etc. Please be sure to include “who, what, where, when, how and how much.”  Time permitting,  2 to 3 stories per major event is generally fine – one that’s a “plan ahead” story, one the week of the event with a reminder, any new info, etc, and then one after the event with photos and quotes (a story if possible, but photos at a minimum). The stories need not be long and may be edited by Boulder Jewish News prior to publication. Each post may have a small “blurb” at the end about the organization (about 2-3 sentences). This is the opportunity to educate readers about your organization and/or to thank program sponsors.

2) Posts submitted after 5 pm on Thursday will be held for publication until Saturday evening or Sunday, at the discretion of Boulder Jewish News.  If urgent, please email to alert staff about the urgency.  Boulder Jewish News does not publish on “chag” (Jewish holiday non-work days).

3)  Boulder Jewish News cannot process e-newsletters, submissions of HTML emails, or flyers.  While we appreciate being added to email mailing lists, we are unable to use those for content purposes.  Only content submitted according to items 1 and 2 above will be considered for publication.

4) Calendar submissions:  Boulder Jewish News BJN utilizes the public feeds of local organizations in a consolidating calendar. If you’d like to submit an event that doesn’t appear on one of these calendars, click here to learn more about the Community Calendar.

In return for including organization content at no cost, Boulder Jewish News requests that submitting organizations include a link to Boulder Jewish News on your website and in your newsletters.  The link address is:

BJN also supports community organizations, click here to learn more.


Members of the community are invited to register for an account and submit stories, reflections, items of common interest, commentary and guest opinion. Submissions are subject to Boulder Jewish News approval and may be edited prior to publication. Comments on submissions are welcome and are also subject to Boulder Jewish News approval and may be edited prior to publication.

For additional information, please review our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Updated:  February 1, 2023