Boulder Gun Violence Prevention Activist Ken Toltz Announces Campaign for Congress

Ken Toltz is announcing his candidacy for the 2nd Congressional District of Colorado.

Ken Toltz stated:

“Washington is failing its primary responsibility, to protect the public safety. Congress has failed our families and now we all live in this endless sequence of deadly gun violence events everywhere and anywhere. I intend to be a fighter for the protection of Colorado families.

Over 18 years ago I became personally committed and activated to gun violence prevention advocacy work on both a local and national basis.  I’ve testified before the state legislature, stood side-by-side with families who’ve lost a loved one, advocated in written op-eds and built a Colorado citizens organization –   this is not an issue for me, this is not a debate over interpreting the wording of the 2nd Amendment – this is about life or death. Now I’m ready to take this fight to Congress.

These times and the citizens of Colorado demand we send a proven fighter to represent them in the 2nd Congressional District. I know how Washington works and know I will be their effective representative on day one.

As a 3rd generation Coloradan, I intend to fight for the protection and preservation of our environment which makes our state such an attractive destination for visitors and new residents.

As a businessman I understand how the free market works, and government’s proper role in the protection of consumers, which promotes ethical business practices.

As a father of two daughters successfully completing higher education graduate degrees, I understand that accessibility and affordability of education is a core concern of Colorado’s families.

As an American I know that no challenge is too formidable to overcome when we set a lofty goal and put our creative energy solidly behind finding solutions.”

Ken Toltz is a 3rd generation Coloradan, businessman, former college instructor and consultant to entrepreneurs. Ken has two daughters in graduate school and lives in Boulder.

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