All great Jewish communities have their own newspaper that chronicles the community’s simchas and sorrows, events and attitudes, facts and opinions (especially the opinions).   It is a place for the entire Jewish community to have a place and a voice — regardless of denomination, affiliation, orientation, generation, level of observance, place of origin, politics, etc.  The wider the dialogs, the better, as long as all dialogs remain civil.

Boulder’s Jewish community has long deserved such a community-wide forum and source of information and opinion.  BJN provides that space here, in true Boulder fashion – exclusively on-line at the Boulder Jewish News (“BJN” for short).  In line with our intention to provide free access to our content to our readers, we invite members of the community to submit articles and opinion pieces as often as they like. (All submissions will be subject to editorial review before publication.  Please see our submission guidelines here.)

We’d love to have advance notice of your Jewish organizations’ events in town, as well as brief, timely post-event descriptions, particularly if you can submit pictures as well.  We invite book reviews, movie reviews, music reviews, theater reviews, television reviews; anything that you, a member of our community, would like to share with your fellow community members.  We will also provide a place for you to share your experiences with local (and other) businesses that you thought did a good job… or not.  Anything that you think our community would benefit by knowing.  (All content will be reviewed with an eye towards the Jewish value and rules of lashon hara).

BJN also includes “feeds” and links to interesting “newsy” content from other Jewish (and occasional non-Jewish) on-line sources as well.

To support this endeavor through the sale of advertising, please consider advertising your business with us, or placing congratulatory ads when the mood strikes.  (You can access our Media Guide, including rate card, here).

Welcome to your local, Jewish community voice!

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