New Year’s Weekly Edition: January 1st, 2021

Shabbat shalom and happy 2021! We finally made it out of the disaster that was 2020. Have a great new year’s weekend, and here’s to a healthy, safe and happy 2021!

Boulder County (along with all Metro Denver counties) moved to Level Red on Friday November 20th; this is the most restrictive level before we get to a full blown Stay at Home order. Please be sure to follow all the recommendations/ requirements of Boulder County Public Health to combat COVID-19, including wearing masks in public and avoiding gatherings outside your family group.

You can find all of our local community virtual services at the “Jewish Community Virtual Offerings” link below under “Events”. There is also a link to the list of online programs being offered by the Boulder JCC.

Meanwhile, here are sources that will have the most up-to-date information about COVID-19 in Boulder and Colorado:

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay warm.


  • When Senator Toomey Strikes, We Could Strike Out (12/31/2020) - Toomey’s stature exemplifies much of what is wrong with the U.S. Senate, a legislative body that is often exploited to undermine vital programs that the majority of Americans need. The minority of Americans very frequently control the Senate, even when a majority of senators combine to represent the majority of citizens. Continue Reading
  • The Jewish-Catholic Loyalty Tests (12/24/2020) - Two religious leaders, Jew and Catholic, each succeeded in breaching the wall separating church and state within two days of one another. Continue Reading
  • Don’t Stand by This Holiday Season (12/24/2020) - We’re living (and dying) in a “quadfecta” of 1) A raging, unprecedented pandemic, 2) Economic inequality and hardship at the highest levels in memory, 3) Racial injustice permeating almost every aspect of American life and 4) Climate change eating away at our planet, and the lives it sustains. Continue Reading

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  • Tips for a Healthy New Year (12/30/2020) - Meet professor Penny Friedberg and take a holistic approach to nutrition using a variety of food recommendations to help start the new year with increased energy, stamina, and wellness. Continue Reading
Click here to see online programs offered by our Jewish Community organizations.
Click here to see online programs offered by the Boulder Jewish Community Center.

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  1. Hopefully covid-19 will be a specter of the past in 2021.