Haver’s Full Shavuot Night Schedule

V’Chai B’hem: Torah to Live By

Shavuot 5770 May 18-20, 2010

Tuesday May 18th 8pm – Dawn

Haver, Boulder’s Rabbinic Fellowship, presents Tikkun Leyl Shavuot, all night study to commemorate receiving of Torah on Mount Sinai.  This program, made possible by a generous grant from 18 Pomegranates, will be held at Rembrandt Yard, 1301 Spruce Street, Boulder.

Schedule of the Evening:

8:00 pm – Opening Intentions and Candle lighting — Rabbis Ori Har, Nadya & Victor Gross

9:00 pm – Ma’ariv (evening service) — Rabbis Nadya & Victor Gross

9:30 pm – Kiddush and snacks

10:00 pm – 11:00 pm – Haver Panel

Difficult Torah/Life-Giving Torah: How Boulder’s Rabbis Handle Challenging Texts and Choose Texts to Live By

11:15 pm – 12:30 am — Study Session 1 – Rabbi Tirzah Firestone (leading into midnight meditation)

God’s Favorite Texts: We speak about our favorite (or most challenging) texts, but what about Hashem? Study three pieces of Torah that will change your life (if you dare to take them personally)

12:30 am – 12:40 am — Break

12:40 am — 1:30 am — Study Session 2 – Morah Yehudis Fishman:

A Torah of Truth: Peace-ing Together Talmudic Disputes

1:30 am — 1:40 am — Break

1:40 am — 2:30 am — Study Session 3 – Rabbi Josh Rose

By Vision or Reason? How Do We Open the Gates of Heaven?

When we hear our rabbi, or when we ourselves, imaginatively and creatively interpret a verse of Torah, are we encountering inspiration or nonsense? It turns out that this is a question that Jews have been asking for thousands of years. So, tonight we receive Torah…now what? We will examine ancient teachings that can help answer this and guide us in our own approach to our tradition.

2:30 am — 2:40 am — Break

2:40 am – 3:30 am — Study Session 4 – Meira Chmiel

The Three Watches of the Night in Zohar mysticism. We shall explore our traditional Jewish mystical orientation to diurnal time (both day and night) from a Qumran and Zoharic Gan Eden perspective, and where we and G-d are in that actual night as we transition from the 2nd watch into the 3rd watch.  This presentation will include a glance at two early sources for this practice (Qumran and Talmud Brachot.)

3:30 am — 3:40 am — Break

3:40 am — 4:30 am Study Session 5 – Rabbis Gavriel Goldfeder and Marc Soloway

“I am asleep but my heart is awake” – reflections on sleeping and waking in the Jewish tradition.  Caffeine will be available.

5:00 am Shacharit (dawn service) led by Meira Chmiel.

There will also be a mechitzah minyan at Aish Kodesh, 1805 Balsam

6:15 am Torah reading (Revelation at Sinai) at Aish Kodesh, followed by Mussaf

Shavuot Services Around the Community

Kehillat Aish Kodesh

Tuesday May 18: All Night Learning with Haver at Rembrandt Yard

8:00 pm Minchah at Aish Kodesh

10:00 pm Walking together from Aish to Rembrandt Yard, followed by All Night Learning

Wednesday May 19

5:00 am Sunrise Services at Aish

8:00 am Cheesecake Kiddush

Thursday May 20

9:30 am Shacharit

11:30 am Yizkor Services

2:00 pm Ice Cream Party and Playdate

Congregation Bonai Shalom

Tuesday May 18

8:00 pm — All Night Learning with Haver at Rembrandt Yard

Wednesday May 19

10:00 am — Services at Bonai Shalom (Please note the usual earlier start time and we will begin directly with Shacharit)

Thursday May 20

9:00 am — Services at Bonai Shalom

~11:00 am —  Yizkor

Congregation Nevei Kodesh

Nevei Kodesh is at 3269 28th St.  (above the Dairy Queen).

Tuesday May 18

8:00 pm — All Night Learning with Haver at Rembrandt Yard

Thursday, May 20

9:30 am  — Shavuot Services and Yizkor Memorial Service

Noon —  Dairy Potluck Lunch.  Weather permitting, we will lunch outdoors.  Please bring a dairy/vegetarian dish to share for lunch afterwards.

We have a key-operated elevator in the rear of the building.  Please let us know if you will be needing it so that someone can arrange to meet you.

Congregation Har HaShem

Tuesday May 18

8:00 pm — All Night Learning with Haver at Rembrandt Yard

Thursday, May 20

8:00 am — Yizkor Service

About Rabbi Marc Soloway

Marc is a native of London, England where he was an actor and practitioner of complimentary medicine before training as a rabbi in London, Jerusalem and Los Angeles. He was ordained at the Ziegler School of Rabbinical Studies at the American Jewish University in 2004 and has been the the spiritual leader at Bonai Shalom in Boulder ever since. Marc was a close student of Rabbi Zalman Schechter Shalomi and received an additional smicha (rabbinic ordination) from him in 2014, just two months before he died. He has been the host and narrator of two documentary films shown on PBS; A Fire in the Forest: In Search of the Baal Shem Tov and Treasure under the Bridge: Pilgrimage to the Hasidic Masters of Ukraine. Marc is a graduate of the Institute of Jewish Spirituality, a fellow of Rabbis Without Borders, has traveled to Ghana in a rabbinic delegation with American Jewish World Service and co-chair of the Rabbinical Council and national board member of Hazon, which strives to create more sustainable Jewish communities. In 2015, Marc was among a group of 12 faith leaders honored at The White House as “Champions of Change” for work on the climate. Marc is a proud member of Beit Izim, Boulder’s Jewish goat milking co-op.

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