Rabbis: Is Boulder Post-Denominational?

l-r: Rabbi Josh Rose, Rabbi Marc Soloway, Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, and Rabbi Gavriel Goldfeder

Four Boulder rabbis shared the stage and a bottle of scotch and tried to explain where they came from and where they’re coming from at the second Haver/SoulFood rabbi roundtable Wednesday night at Rembrandt Yard.

Rabbi Marc Soloway of Congregation Bonai Shalom, Rabbi Gavriel Goldfeder of Kehilath Aish Kodesh, Rabbi Tirzah Firestone of Congregation Nevei Kodesh and Rabbi Josh Rose of Congregation Har HaShem answered questions posed by Rabbi Rose as moderator and then answered questions from the audience.  The stated theme, Boulder Judaism and Vague Liberalism was intended to try to cover the denominational differences and the spectrum of Judaic practice in Boulder.

For a “blow-by-blow” description of the evening, check out our “Live Tweets” section in the right-column by searching #5Rmashup on Twitter. We tried to capture the best of it.  SoulFood also videotaped the evening’s discussion.

A few side notes. . .

  • The Sherri Mandell program was cancelled due to weather
  • Same group, same place, next week: Shavuot is Tuesday night
  • LimmudColorado also got plugged tonight – another opportunity to learn more from this group.

Here is a pictorial of the evening:

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  1. You are the father of two children and the son of two parents who think you're the cat's meow. Love Mom.

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