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The History of Photography in 10 Pictures

Peter Hay Halpert will give participants a look at the history of photography through ten pictures (and a few asides and detours), starting with the first photo in 1839 through to cutting edge contemporary work.

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Exploration Through the Lens: Upcoming Photographic Gallery Opening at the Boulder JCC

In a convergence of creativity, the Boulder JCC is eagerly anticipating the upcoming gallery exhibition at the Messinger Gallery, which will showcase a remarkable collection of photographic works by three talented local artists sharing the same first name—Bruce Borowsky, Bruce Henderson, and Bruce Shaffer.

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Photography Legacy Project of Survivors Comes to Boulder

John Pregulman

Denver couple John and Amy Israel Pregulman have made it their mission to photograph as many Holocaust survivors as possible, before it’s too late. They will be in Boulder on February 20th.

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