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Beinart Redux

Beinart's article, "The Failure of the Jewish Establishment," has generated a lot of heat. We provide links to some of the on-going on-line dialog.

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Coming Soon!

Be the first to publish an article in this category – register today! Did you know that there are over 10,000 self-identified Jews in the Boulder County/Broomfield County area?* *Per the 2007 Denver/Boulder Population Survey from Allied Jewish Federation and Rose Community Foundation.

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MJ’s Kids Jewish??

According to Roseanne Barr, on her Roseanne’s World blog, Michael Jackson’s kids are Jewish…. and he was more than ok with that:

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Palin the Latest Queen Esther for our time?

Check out this article on USAToday talking about Sarah Palin as this century’s Queen Esther… this commentary on the article from Tablet:

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AJC’s Harris Latest Piece on Iran

The Christian Science Monitor May 28, 2009 Don’t let Iran cross the nuclear threshold By David Harris New York – While there is a broad consensus in the West that Iran should be dissuaded from pursuing its nuclear weapons program, no clear strategy has emerged for attaining that goal. During …

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