Ever wonder about those tabs on the right? A few highlights recently read on the web.

Quick Roundup – Spotted on the Web

Ever wonder about those tabs on the right? (quick – take a look!).  “Find” and “Authors” are fairly obvious. “Newsy” is where we put links to articles we think are interesting (if you haven’t already – go ahead, click on it!). Sometimes we find articles, sometimes friends share them with us.  We find them on Twitter and Facebook, shared by people we think are interesting, or by Google alerts or RSS feeds.

Sometimes there are several at once. These popped up in the last few days, so we thought we would take the opportunity to explain the tab again, and to highlight a few:

Some articles are sent to us by readers/friends/family.  What we’re interested in hearing about is why something is interesting to you – what’s your connection? Why do you want others to see this? If you’re already in the habit of emailing interesting things to your friends, this is the new way to “share” – we invite you to join the conversation and post it on Boulder Jewish News.  It’s easy and fun and we want to hear your voice. In fact, if you’re a voracious reader and you’d like to do a “roundup of interesting articles” as a regular contributor, that would be great too – let’s talk.

About Editor

I'm David Fellows, and I've served as a writer, photographer and/or an editor on my junior high and high school newspapers; the Daily Trojan at USC (where I earned my journalism degree); the student newspaper at the Anderson School at UCLA (where I earned my MBA); and I've written and edited countless business documents and presentations in the ensuing twenty years. I was also a professional photographer from 1978 to 1988 (although you never really stop...). I've been involved Jewishly since my bris and in Boulder since 1995. I'm married to my Executive Director Cheryl, and we have two children, Lauren and Ethan.

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