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Column: Bye Bye Bibi (We Can Hope)

Israel is losing backing from European and other countries, and also Americans due to its military actions and political climate. Netanyahu's leadership is criticized, and change is urged for peace and international backing.

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Column: Two Perilous Forces in Israel

Israel's flag flying atop Masada.

No question that American Jews should be anxious about the future of an Israel in Bibi’s hands. There will likely be two prime forces at work that can intensify the conflict with the Palestinians.

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Column: With Bibi’s Bungling, Who Needs Antisemites?

As Jerry Seinfeld would put it, “And you want be prime minister again.” While Seinfeld once caught George Costanza sprawled on the floor in his underwear after stumbling in Seinfeld’s living room, last week Benjamin Netanyahu stumbled – a generous description – by comparing accusations against his family to a “blood libel.”

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