Week in Review: February 18th, 2011

Shabbat Shalom and Purim Katan Sameach! “Purim Katan” – the little Purim, is held in years when there is a “leap month” of Adar II. There are only 7 Purim Katan in the 19-year cycle, making them “extra special.” Some communities also celebrate “Purim Katan” to mark the time when they were saved from destruction. Some families even celebrate a Purim to mark an escape from misfortune. There’s no reading of the megillah, but a lesson about solidarity and education:

…the lesson of Purim Katan: If there arises “a foe and avenger” against Yiddishkeit, Torah and Mitzvos, not only must we not lose hope, but we must increase our activities in all areas of Yiddishkeit.

May all these forces be utilized properly, to become a partner with HaShem, to reach the level of “Ad Lo Yoda”, beyond understanding and measure, which is the theme of Purim, but is even stronger on Purim Katan, because of its rarity. – Chabad of Hancock Park

Over the last several weeks, one might say that other communities are having their own Purims. We watch and wait, hopeful that peace and democracy will prevail.

In lighter news, this is a big film weekend in Boulder! If any roving reporters would like to review this weekend’s Boulder International Film Festival, we look forward to your perspective. Also playing this weekend is The Chosen, part of Menorah’s film series.

Local celebs Holli Berman and Marcia Cotlar appeared on Good Morning America on Thursday morning, scroll down to the link about their Modern Family – wonderful! And a fun video making rounds this week is below the article links. Enjoy!

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