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Opinion: Biden’s “Rules of War”? Not in World War II

President Biden has urged Israel to observe war rules when striking back at Hamas, emphasizing the importance of avoiding civilian casualties. This stance is contrasted with actions taken by the U.S. and its allies during World War II, where civilian fatalities were often deemed an unfortunate yet inevitable aspect of their strategy.

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Eyewitness Account from Jerusalem

By Fruma Scheiner, Special to the Boulder Jewish News I was abruptly woken up at 6am Saturday morning to siren after siren ringing in my ear. It was terrifying to say the least. I held my friends hands in mine, not wanting to let them go for even a second. …

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War in Israel and Gaza: Analysis, Explanations, Memories

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A Panel Discussion with Profs. Zach Levey (International Affairs/JWST), Eyal Rivlin (JWST), John Willis (HIST, to be conrifmed), and Karim Mattar (ENG, to be confirmed).

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Column: Hamas To Be, or Not To Be

A few Hamas leaders fully expect Israel’s downfall, yet Israel may not want to dislodge Hamas from its perch in Gaza. That is due to the equally firm expectation Hamas will be replaced by something worse.

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Violence Escalates in Southern Israel

The Israeli army began moving infantry units to the south and calling up reservists in preparation for a further escalation of hostilities with Hamas after an Israeli airstrike killed Hamas' military chief in the strip.

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4 Questions for Effie Eitam

The Boulder Jewish News puts "Four Questions" to former Knesset member and retired IDF Brig. Gen. Effie Eitam during his visit to CU.

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