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Ladino Music Concert Planned for March

Ladino, also known as Judeo-Spanish, is a Romance language with roots in medieval Spanish spoken by Sephardic Jews. Evolving over centuries, Ladino incorporates elements of Hebrew, Arabic, and Spanish.  It developed similarly to Yiddish but in a different region of the globe. Yiddish originated among Ashkenazi Jews in Central and …

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Theater Program Celebrates a Tapestry of Stories

True Colors, presented by The Braid, will be performed on Tuesday, October 24 at the Boulder JCC.  This program offers a unique and compelling opportunity to engage with real stories about the yearning for belonging.

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Exploration Through the Lens: Upcoming Photographic Gallery Opening at the Boulder JCC

In a convergence of creativity, the Boulder JCC is eagerly anticipating the upcoming gallery exhibition at the Messinger Gallery, which will showcase a remarkable collection of photographic works by three talented local artists sharing the same first name—Bruce Borowsky, Bruce Henderson, and Bruce Shaffer.

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