Arts Classes Now Open for the Fall at the Boulder JCC

Did you working with clay or paint as a young person or are you currently looking to try a new art activity? Come to the Boulder JCC for all things art! Trying a new creative endeavor like ceramics or collage can bring about numerous benefits; whether that is socializing with new people, gaining knowledge, or relaxing your mind. The benefits of trying a new creative endeavor extends beyond the final physical result. 

One of our amazing ceramics instructors at the Boulder JCC is Rita Vali. Rita started teaching classes outside at the Boulder JCC in 2020, during the pandemic. “We were very excited to find an instructor who was interested in trying to teach a class outside,” said Joy Alice Eisenhauer, Director of Arts, Culture and Education at the Boulder JCC. “There was so much isolation and we were able to offer all kinds of programs to the community outside. Rita was open to trying it and her Hopeful Birds workshop was the perfect answer to COVID.”

Since those first outdoor workshops, Rita has offered many sessions back inside the Boulder JCC Art Studio. Her workshop model makes these classes only a one day commitment of time and the projects Rita teaches are all hand built, instead of on a wheel, and all fired in the kiln on location. Making your art class experience effortless. 

“People often think that being creative requires ‘natural talent’ and that holds them back from starting.  Mostly it requires interest, willingness to try new things and being flexible,” Rita shared. “Don’t be too hard on yourself and give yourself the space and grace to try something new.”

This fall Rita will be teaching clay workshops to create Planter Pots, Hamsas, Seeds & Pods, Candelabras and Menorahs, and Hopeful Birds. We hope to see you attend these exciting ceramics classes, as well as take part in the other art classes provided at the Boulder JCC. Check out the list of upcoming art classes here on the Boulder JCC website.

If you are interested in registering and need assistance contact acy.jackson@boulder.jcc

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