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Old Synagogue Barcelona

Barcelona has one of the oldest synagogues in Europe.  It was recently rediscovered in 1987, and in the late 1990s restoration work began. 

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This Sunday, Art is My Weapon with Dr. David Shneer

The new Archive Transformed residency program connecting artists and scholars will hold two public events this month: a performance at Old Main Chapel May 13 and presentations by the inaugural residency cohort at the Boulder Public Library May 17.

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Jews and Shakespeare

Come join us on an Elizabethan Adventure on Tuesday, April 24 with Shakespeare expert, Sid Fox, who has given talks on Shakespeare to the CU Theater Department and Classics Department. 

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Relax. It Could Be Worse… In Fact, It Was.

However bad things might seem as we read this today, they are really rather ordinary historically. Our times do not compare with the extraordinary times Harry Greissman’s generation faced.

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