Sue Seserman’s “EPILECTRA” Is Available Now –Graphic Novel That Turns Disability into Superability

DENVER, CO – “Epilectra” Book 1, the first in the groundbreaking graphic novel series about a team of superheroes with different disabilities they transform into superabilities to rehabilitate adversaries and make the world a better place, is now available for preorder at a 15% discount off the suggested retail price. To access the discount and be among the first to get “Epilectra,” purchasers go to and enter “Epilectra” when prompted.

In an era where representation is paramount, “Epilectra” represents disability as strong and empowering. The series provides a fresh, modern interpretation of the traditional comic book concept of superhero, educates individuals about disability in an easy to digest manner, and encourages conversation about a difficult topic. It features Team SEEZ (for Support & Empower Everyone Zealously), a team of diverse superheroes led by Epilectra who manages epilepsy while guiding the team on their quest. The action unfolds in exciting New York City.

Sue Seserman is the Creator and Author of the “Epilectra” series. Book 1 is 8.5×11 and close to 200 pages. It features four-color illustrations by former Disney artist, Jayme Brown. The graphic novel goes on sale April 7 in recognition of World Health Day. Early purchasers will receive their copies shortly after the book goes on sale.

“My hope for the ‘Epilectra‘ series is that it provides an ‘Aha’ moment for its readers whether they’re disabled or not,” said Seserman. “It will help Individuals understand that they’re capable of accomplishing great things; capable of reaching their dreams – even if that means taking a creative route to get there or asking for help along the way.”

Epilectra” Book 1 includes three complete stories: Story 1: SEEZation, Epilectra’s origin story and the formation of Team SEEZ; Story 2: Up on the Roof, an exploration of “Epilectra‘s” human persona, 5th grade social studies teacher Eden Rivers and her relationships with family and students; and Story 3: River Rager, “Epilectra‘s” encounter with enraged half man/half shark River Rager and his sidekick Crusty the Crustacean.

“One of the things I’m most proud about “Epilectra” is that it isn’t a ‘How To’ book on disability,”
continued Seserman. “It’s more intuitive than that. Readers will gather information and have their feelings legitimized and addressed as part of the narrative and the characters’ actions and dialog. I hope that as the characters grow and get more comfortable with who they are, readers can do the same.”

Seserman battles two disabilities herself – epilepsy and type 1 diabetes. Her experience with disability – as a patient and as a volunteer – motivated her to write “Epilectra.” She found that the patients she visited while volunteering felt they had to give up so much because of their disability – education, career, relationships, independence – and she wanted to do something to change their mindset. This led to the creation of character “Epilectra” – a strong woman with a disability she could transform into a superability to do good and was unafraid to be out in the world. The rest of the story evolved from there.

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