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Building a Sukkah in Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy XIV, players have plenty of things to do besides fighting monsters and completing quests: they can coordinate outfits, go fishing, craft their own clothing and items, start a farm, play mahjong, and so much more. I figured out how to build a sukkah.

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The Cultural Phenomenon of Pokémon GO, Part 2: What is Pokémon GO All About?

In Part 2 of 2, we take a look at what makes Pokemon GO so appealing to fans and newcomers alike and about how the game itself works.

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The Cultural Phenomenon of Pokémon GO, Part 1: What Is a Pokémon, Anyway?

You may have already heard of the recently-released game called Pokémon GO. In this two-part series, BJN's Pop Culture reporter will explain it all to you.

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“No, YOU Move”: Captain America, Anti-Semitism, and #JewishComicsDay

It has not been a good week for Captain America. Let me fill you in on the fiasco that’s been lighting up the Marvel universe lately.

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Boulder BBYO Rocks Convention

The Flobots weren't the only ones rocking at the Rocky Mountain Region 2009 Winter Convention. The Boulder Chapter had a GREAT time at Convention!

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