Letter: To Mayor Brockett and Council re BNSCP

Dear Mayor Brockett et al. 

Below is a partial screenshot of BNSCP’s June 5 post, in pursuit of their mission of keeping Boulder and beyond rev’d up about the activities of racistapartheidistgenocidalsettlercolonialist Israel. Going forward, I’ll just reference the next BNSCP FB posts by date in the email subject box.  I will continue to forward you these as they appear at BNSCP’s FB page; I’ll let you know if they block my access. 

There’s not much more to add. BNSCP is perfecting its well oiled, hardworking, relentless Palestinian PR campaign against Israel. Its concern is the entirety of Palestine, within which its activities are geographically limitless and emboldened by your inaction. Indeed, BNSCP is not the problem. You are the problem, for having sacrificed even the appearance of good judgement, fair play and civic responsibility in service of your political instincts. You ignore BNSCP’s Nonpolitical Committments document, Resolution 631 and Sister Cities International values. In this matter, you demonstrate complete disregard, if not contempt, for the vast majority of a local Jewish community that has given so much to Boulder. You fear even the gesture of bringing an anti antisemitism resolution to a vote. 

I’m cc-ing some others who might be interested. I’ll be returning to Boulder for the rest of the year in July, and I’ll start organizing with others some action that might be more effective than my one voice, which I’m even tiring of. But I’m not giving up on this. My grandchildren will not inherit my hometown of nearly 50 years with this stain that even our magnificent mountains can’t hide.

Shabbat shalom, good weekend, from Jerusalem. 

Bruce Shaffer


About Bruce Shaffer

From Jerusalem and Boulder, photographer/contributing writer Bruce Shaffer muses on regional issues. Bruce photographs for several NGOs in Israel and the West Bank, and his work has been included in Ha’aretz, The Times of Israel, The Jewish Daily Forward and other publications, documentaries and organization websites. He leads combined Israeli and Palestinian Youth Photography Workshops in Israel and the West Bank, and freelances for feature writers, organizations, guides and tour operators in the region.

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