Bruce Shaffer

From Jerusalem and Boulder, photographer/contributing writer Bruce Shaffer muses on regional issues. Bruce photographs for several NGOs in Israel and the West Bank, and his work has been included in Ha’aretz, The Times of Israel, The Jewish Daily Forward and other publications, documentaries and organization websites. He leads combined Israeli and Palestinian Youth Photography Workshops in Israel and the West Bank, and freelances for feature writers, organizations, guides and tour operators in the region.

Letter: To Mayor Brockett and Council re BNSCP

Bruce Shaffer criticizes Mayor Brockett and others for ignoring BNSCP's anti-Israel activities, sacrificing good judgment, and not addressing antisemitism, vowing continued opposition.

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Boulder City Council Drops Hearing on Nablus Sister City Application

The BNSCP Application for sister city approval will NOT be heard Tuesday evening. It is OFF the agenda, and there is NOT a date certain or time frame for when it will be taken up again.

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