Weekly Edition: March 3rd, 2023

Shabbat shalom and Purim sameach! Purim starts Monday night — be sure to check out the Purim Celebration on Sunday at the Boulder JCC for the kids in the house.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with our brothers and sisters under attack in Israel, Ukraine, and the women of this country.

Stay warm, stay safe and stay healthy!

Here are stories from the last week:


  • Hazon and Pearlstone Now Adamah (3/2/2023) - Two organizations at the center of the Jewish environmental movement, Hazon and Pearlstone, today launched a new identity for their merging organization: Adamah. Continue Reading
  • Column: Israel Is Our Business (3/2/2023) - Last week, Bibi advanced from severe tone-deafness to odious arrogance when he labeled protesters as “thuggish” and lectured critics on the meaning of democracy. When America’s ambassador to Israel urged Bibi to slow down, an Israeli cabinet minister told him, “Mind your own business.” Continue Reading
  • Letter: “An American” is Just an Antisemitic Excuse (3/2/2023) - The deafening silence when it comes to "outrage" in the murder of American citizen Elan Ganeles demonstrates that both cases are solely about antisemitism not American citizenship. Continue Reading

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