Purim in the (Boulder) Holyland!

The happiest day on the Jewish calendar, the holiday of Purim, is just a few days away. In Judaism, the month of Adar and the holiday of Purim are times periods when we are encouraged to tap into the highest levels of joy.

The great holiday of Purim is so holy that the wise sages of old tell us that it’s an even holier day than Yom Kippur.

It commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people in the ancient Persian empire from Haman’s plot.

There are four core observances that we do on Purim:

  • Reading of the Megillah 
  • Giving money gifts to at least two poor people.
  • Sending gifts of two kinds of food to at least one person
  • A festive Purim feast

Rabbi Pesach & Chany Scheiner, the co-directors of the Boulder Center for Judaism, personally invite you to partake in our grand Purim Celebrations this year.

Public Megillah Reading Times

  1. Monday, March 6, 6:30 pm
  2. Tuesday, March 7, 10:30 am
  3. Tuesday, March 7, 4:30 pm

Grand Purim Feast: Purim in Israel

When:  Tuesday, March 7, 4:30 pm

What: Purim at Boulder Center for Judaism is always an enjoyable experience with delectable food to accompany the holiday spirit. 

Join us for a lively party celebrating the Holiday of Purim:

  • A multimedia megillah reading
  • Engaging Israeli slide show
  • Falafel & Shawarma Bar
  • Western Wall photo booth
  • Israeli soldier letter-writing station
  • Fresh orange juice squeezing
  • Trivia games 

…and other fun activities geared toward the entire family. 

Guests are invited to don costumes to maximize the magic of the day and will be entered in a drawing.

Suggested Donation: $15 Adult, $8 Child, $180 Sponsor

For event locations or to place your reservations, please go to www.boulderjudaism.com/purimmeal. Alternatively, you can email Chany at lbkosher@gmail.com or call the Boulder Center for Judaism at 303-494-1638.

Purim is an inclusive holiday, so if affordability is an issue, please email or call us, as it would be our privilege to host you. 

About Chany Scheiner

Co - Director of Boulder Center for Judaism. Any successful organization needs a heart and that is what Chany provides, along with organization, marketing, innovative programming, and countless Shabbat dinners. Some of her accomplishments are large and public like the annual menorah lighting on Pearl Street and the matzo and shofar factories, while others are quiet and private like the time she spends counseling individuals and sharing the wisdom that comes from study.

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