How Can You Buy “Local” During the COVID-19 Situation?

Colorado Proud Has 10 Ideas to Support Your Appetite – and Our Economy

DENVER, April, 2020 – Food and groceries feel more important than ever during the COVID-19 situation. In response, Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture Kate Greenberg reminds every Colorado resident how local food is adding extra value to our lives and, of course, to the grocery shelves: “Thanks to our farmers and ranchers across the state, our local food system is abundant, and our supply chains are healthy. This is a moment for us to continue coming together to support Colorado agriculture and buy local food.”

Colorado farmers, ranchers, farmworkers, truckers, retailers, chefs and food manufacturers continue to put food on our tables, while doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19. Locally-grown and -raised produce, dairy, meat, grains and other locally-made products are abundant. And local chefs continue to prepare takeout meals using seasonal, local ingredients. While consumers may see some empty shelves, that is only because people have been purchasing food at a higher rate than normal — not due to lack of supply. There is plenty of food coming from Colorado farms, ranches and food makers. Food systems are operating as intended; and as more food is purchased at retail, the food supply chain is adjusting to increased consumer demand.

“More than ever, local buying and eating are not only good for agriculture; they are good for all Coloradans. Every time we buy local food and products, we are simultaneously boosting Colorado’s economy and heritage — with agriculture as one of the biggest economic drivers in the state,” said Wendy White, marketing specialist for Colorado Proud.

“It’s not just the responsibility of the farmers and ranchers; it’s important for everyone to take an active role in feeding Colorado – both literally and economically. After all, every bite is helping our state,” added White.

Here are 10 ideas for how every Coloradan can nourish our farmers, ranchers and food and beverage businesses, while buying and eating local food:

  1. Buy local. Click and share this website to see product offerings and shipping options from local producers, ranchers and manufacturers from around the state:
  2. Pick Colorado-grown produce.  Look for the Colorado Proud label, which symbolizes a particular piece of fruit or vegetable was grown in our state. And check out what local produce is in season.
  3. Buy Colorado-made products. When shopping, look for Colorado-made products, such as jams, sauces, condiments, snacks, sweets and other locally-made food products, which will also have the Colorado Proud label.
  4. Support Colorado’s livestock producers. Look for Colorado beef, lamb, pork, bison and poultry or order directly from local producers.
  5. Drink Colorado wine, beer and spirits. Liquor stores feature Colorado beer and wine sections, both in-store and online orders, breweries are now offering online ordering, and local wineries are open for pick-up and many will also ship to your front door.
  6. Buy direct from a Colorado wholesaler. Many local companies are now selling food and products directly to end-consumers. offers a list of companies participating under the “Wholesaler” category.
  7. Order meals from Colorado chefs and restaurants. Restaurants continue to serve meals for delivery or takeout; and some farm-to-table chefs are recognized for using local ingredients.
  8. Cook recipes with Colorado-grown ingredients. We are all cooking more than ever, so why not pick a recipe made with locally-grown ingredients?
  9. Send Colorado-made gifts to friends and family. How about a Colorado gift basket for your local friends who need a smile and something delicious, or even for your out-of-state family? Check out this directory of Colorado-made gift companies that ship.
  10. (Virtually) thank a farmer. We are sharing many stories from Colorado farmers and ranchers who are helping their communities and healthcare workers during this time, featured on Colorado Proud’s Facebook page:

Agriculture Advances Colorado

Agriculture is an important economic driver in the state, consistently ranking as one of Colorado’s leading industries and is in the top-10 nationally for production of a variety of agricultural products. With more than 38,900 farms encompassing nearly 32 million acres, agriculture is a vital part of Colorado, supporting more than 195,000 jobs, contributing more than $47 billion to the state’s economy annually. 

About Colorado Proud

The Colorado Proud Program was created by the Colorado Department of Agriculture in 1999, to promote food and agricultural products that are grown, raised or made in Colorado. One of the goals of Colorado Proud is to make it easier for consumers to identify and purchase Colorado products by labeling them with the Colorado Proud logo. In 1999, Colorado Proud started with 65 companies; and today, the program has more than 2,800 members, including farmers, ranchers, food manufacturers, restaurants, retailers, schools and associations statewide. Additional media materials can be found in the Colorado Proud newsroom, including photos.

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