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7 Sisters Under Quarantine

What happens when you’re stuck @ home in quarantine?  Ingenuity!
Come Zoom with us as we prepare for Shavuos: 7 Sisters Demonstrate 7 Recipes on 1 wonderful Zoom.
Join us for an informative and entertaining program where you will learn about the spiritual aspects of Shavuos and how to make seven great new recipes.
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For more information call Chany 720 422 6776.

About Chany Scheiner

Co - Director of Boulder Center for Judaism. Any successful organization needs a heart and that is what Chany provides, along with organization, marketing, innovative programming, and countless Shabbat dinners. Some of her accomplishments are large and public like the annual menorah lighting on Pearl Street and the matzo and shofar factories, while others are quiet and private like the time she spends counseling individuals and sharing the wisdom that comes from study.

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