Weekly Edition: September 20th, 2019

Shabbat shalom! Another busy posting week, with the High Holidays fast approaching. Check our High Holidays page for all the latest posts.

September also marks Boulder Jewish News’ 10th Anniversary, and we are planning several special stories and pages to celebrate! This week, our Israel correspondent, Shaul Amir, posts New Years greetings, and our pop culture correspondent, Lauren Fellows, posts a story about the Jewish arc of a Japanese video game character, Sandalphon. You are, in fact, reading our 6,576th post since starting out in the fall of 2009. Enjoy!

Finally, the Boulder Jewish Men’s Group is hosting a co-ed dinner with speaker Jeremy Shaver of the ADL this Thursday night September 26th. It should be interesting and timely – RSVP today.

Stay cool, and have a great weekend. Here are this week’s posts:


  • Elsa Asher’s Ancestral Healing Workshop Postponed (9/19/2019) - Elsa Asher's Ancestral Healing Workshop originally scheduled for September 21st at Nevei Kodesh, has been postponed until November. Watch out for further details. Continue Reading
  • Happy 10th New Year from Israel (9/15/2019) - This piece is the first in a series from our many contributors over the last 10 years of service to the Boulder Jewish Community, commemorating our 10th Anniversary this fall. Dear Cheryl and David, and the Boulder Jewish Community: Shaul Amir Congratulations on the Tenth Anniversary of the Boulder Jewish News! How time flies.... It is… Continue Reading

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