High Holidays

Tishrei Tidbits – Yom Kippur

How do I know Judaism is still alive and well? More people go to synagogue for Kol NIdrei than any other time of the year- and there’s no food served for at least twenty four hours!

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Join Us for a Meaningful Humanistic Yom Kippur Celebration!

Humanistic Judaism considers Yom Kippur to be the culmination of the self-analysis that was initiated on Rosh Hashanah. We are offered the opportunity to ask forgiveness from ourselves as well as from those we have wronged, and we vow to be active, involved, caring people in the coming year.

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Shofar in the Park – Alternative Rosh Hashanah Celebration

To accommodate those who would otherwise not participate in formal Rosh Hashanah synagogue services, Rabbi Scheiner of Boulder Center for Judaism is promoting a brief, open to all, Rosh Hashanah ceremony that includes the primary observances of the holiday. There will be a special activity for kids and a small holiday gift takeaway.

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Get Rosh Hashanah Ready!

Join us this Sunday, September 10 for a Make and Take!  Learn how to incorporate traditional Rosh Hashana foods in delicious new dishes, while preparing ourselves spiritually for the new year.

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