Nancy Harding, z”l

Nancy Harding passed away this afternoon at Frasier Meadows. Originally from California, Nancy moved here after a career with the University of California and joined Congregation Bonai Shalom in 1998. Her friends shared that Nancy just loved Israel, that her love for Israel was extremely important to her and was probably one of the motivating factors to her late-in-life conversion to Judaism. Nancy was in a ladies brunch group made up of members from several different synagogues, and they visited her today just hours before she passed away. Nancy was very loved and will be missed.

The funeral will take place Sunday, January 1 at 10:00am graveside at Green Mountain Cemetery, 290 20th St. Boulder, CO.

Hamakom y’nachem – May God grant strength and comfort to Nancy’s daughters, Suzie and Carolyn, and her four grandchildren. Alah hashalom – peace on Nancy’s soul as she makes this transition.



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  1. The Boulder Chevre Kadisha is in need of additional volunteers to help sit shmirah for Nancy Harding.

    The Chevra Kadisha, or Holy Society, is a group of Jewish volunteers serving the Jewish community by preparing the dead for burial. Volunteers take turns sitting shmira, a continuous vigil that takes place from death until the funeral, so that the body is never left alone. Shmira is generally done in 2-hour shifts, and late night hours are often hard to fill. So, if you are a "night owl" and able to help with a midnight to 6am shift, or can volunteer at another time, it would be an incredible and important mitzvah.

    If you have any questions about volunteering for this mitzvah, or are available to sign up for a shmira shift, please contact Kati Pressman (Boulder Chevra Kadisha) at 303-494-4578.

  2. Funeral info updated in post.