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Column: Invoking Racism: J Street’s Race To The Bottom

Jeremy Ben-Ami might best be advised to check Principle #4 of J Street’s mission before he opens his big mouth in the future. Principle #4 of the Israel-centric organization advocates “vibrant but respectful debate about Israel.” Is “respectful” how J Street’s longtime president would characterize his statement in Saturday’s New York Times?

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Letter: Stop Annexation, In The Name Of Love

The newly formed Israeli coalition government promises to focus on only COVID 19-related matters, with one glaring exception: by July 1, the government can proceed with the process of annexing portions of the West Bank.

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J Street: Israel and Diaspora Must Build Healthy Dialogue

Yes, Israel needs our financial muscle and our political support. But more than that, they also need our ideas, our intellectual vibrancy, our thoughts, our contribution to the development of the Jewish people.

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