Letter: As Israel Depends on the Kindness of a Strange Congress

Toby F. Block asserts that America’s attempt to undo past policies has weakened U.S. global standing, consequently empowering adversaries like Iran, Russia, and China, and adversely impacting allies. He critiques domestic policies, emphasizing states’ rights in Congressional representation.

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Letter: American Mayors Insist on a Cease-Fire

The author argues against a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, citing Hamas' atrocities that necessitate Israel's self-defense and denouncing Palestinian leadership for historical and ongoing violence over negotiation.

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Column: Let These Friends of Palestinians Go – to Jail

The public should be screaming for arrests of anyone who commit criminal offenses when they block bridges, highways and airports; besiege Jewish students in a university facility; shout antisemitic remarks;, disrupt school speakers and vandalize Jewish facilities. If convicted, they must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Many of them commit crimes that could lead to prison.

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