“Jew-Hating” Ethnic Studies Department Exposed at CU Boulder

The University of Colorado-Boulder's Ethnic Studies Department has been labeled one of the top anti-Semitic academic departments. A report urges action against academic centers promoting Jew hatred, highlighting that these universities indirectly support such prejudices despite their public opposition.

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Letter: Free Speech? Or Free Disruption?

The article criticizes campus activists for disrupting events and sidelining speakers supportive of Israel, arguing this doesn't aid Arabs or Palestinians and stymies open debate. Such actions contradict genuine free speech and deprive students of diverse discussions, mirroring broader anti-Israel sentiments under the guise of woke activism.

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Column: Now The World Can See That Pro-Arab Activists Are Mashugah

crowd on street

Sahar Tartak, a Jewish Yale student, was attacked by a student with a Palestinian flag at an anti-Israel protest, leading to hospitalization. Protests at various universities persistently disrupt and intimidate, challenging campus policies and escalating tensions, culminating in numerous arrests and administrative actions.

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Urge Congress to Pass the Countering Antisemitism Act

There is currently a bipartisan bill in Congress that would make permanent the current National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism. This federal initiative will end without further authorization from Congress.

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The Third Time’s a Charm for This Year’s JFest Celebration

Following two changes to the scheduled date due to power outages and high winds, the Boulder JCC’s JFest Celebration, which took place on Saturday, April 13, was an extraordinary success, exceeding all expectations for a memorable evening of community spirit.

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Letter: Palestinian Refugees or State?

The author expresses frustration that Palestinians are not building a state that coexists with Israel and criticizes Arab nations for not integrating Palestinian refugees, contrasting this with Israel's absorption of Mizrachi Jews. They support Netanyahu's peace prerequisites, emphasizing Israel's current priorities over political changes.

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