Boulder JCC Day Camp Now Hiring for the Summer

Cherryvale Day Camp offers a number of different programs. The season runs from June 5 - August 11, 2023.  Being a day camp counselor can be a rewarding and enriching experience that offers a number of benefits.

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The Jewish Courts That Judged Jews Accused of Nazi Collaboration

Jewish police arrest alleged Jewish Nazi collaborator

Shepsl Rotholc was a famous champion Jewish boxer in Poland in the 1930s. In 1941, two years after the Germans invaded, he became a policeman in the Warsaw Ghetto, helping to maintain order and enforce Nazi orders. Was Rotholc guilty of collaborating with the Nazis? Did he have any other choice? Should he be considered a hero for trying to save his family? These were the kinds of questions considered by a special "Jewish honor court" that tried Rotholc in 1946 for aiding the Nazis.

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Letter: Israel is Our Business

Bruce Ticker (“Israel is Our Business,” March 2) claims that the current Israeli government “has proposed annexing the Palestinian territories.” In fact, the government has not made any such proposal, and the platform of the ruling Likud party says nothing about annexing territories.

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Shrinking To Infinity

“The only ones afraid of guns are those who have many gods and one world. Those who have one G-d and many worlds are not afraid.” This was the response of the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, when a prison guard tried to stop him from praying.

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Column: As Spencer Tracy Would Say: God Speaks to Eric Adams, and NYC’s Mayor Tells the World

empire state building new york

New York City Mayor Eric Adams may well fit in somewhere between the great actor Frederic March’s portrayal of a fanatical lawyer delivering God’s instructions to the world, and that of lesser-known actor Jay Robinson as a frenzied Caligula when, as Rome’s emperor, he demands his court to “kneel…kneel…kneel to your God.”

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Hazon and Pearlstone Now Adamah

Two organizations at the center of the Jewish environmental movement, Hazon and Pearlstone, today launched a new identity for their merging organization: Adamah.

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Column: Israel Is Our Business

Last week, Bibi advanced from severe tone-deafness to odious arrogance when he labeled protesters as “thuggish” and lectured critics on the meaning of democracy. When America’s ambassador to Israel urged Bibi to slow down, an Israeli cabinet minister told him, “Mind your own business.”

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Save a Life! Donate Blood March 1 at the Boulder JCC

The Boulder JCC is proud to be partnering with Vitalant to once again offer you the opportunity to save a life and donate blood.  The blood drive is open to the public and appointments are suggested.

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Cherryvale Day Camp at the Boulder JCC Now Hiring for the Summer

Being a day camp counselor can be a rewarding and enriching experience that offers a number of benefits. If you know of a person, over 18, who is interested in working with kids please let them know about the great opportunities at the Boulder JCC.

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U.S. Attorney’s Office to Host Several ‘Protecting Houses of Worship’ Training Seminars Across the State

U.S. Attorney Cole Finegan addresses gathering at Fort Collins Protecting Houses of Worship Training

Clergy, community leaders, volunteers, and congregational staff of all faiths are invited to join this program co-hosted by the Boulder JCC, the US Attorney’s Office, the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office, and local law enforcement agencies to learn about how to protect our sacred spaces. This program is free, refreshments will be served.

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Study Reveals Major Failings in New York Times Coverage of Israel

Israel's flag flying atop Masada.

The results of the unique study, which analyzes patterns of both coverage and omissions of information, show a clear anti-Israeli bias in the New York Times on both levels. The report points to the 53% negative coverage of Israel throughout the year, and also to the consistent omission of information regarding threats that Israel faced.  

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Summer Teen Leadership Program Offered at the Boulder JCC

Cherryvale Day Camp at the Boulder JCC has long offered a wonderful opportunity for younger campers to to develop and grow outside of the classroom while building their confidence. This summer, the program is expanding to offer a Leadership In Training (LIT) program for campers Campers Entering Grades 6th, 7th and 8th grade!  

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Letter: Celebrating Two Shoahs

Since 1993 Palestinian terror attacks  have been responsible for the murder of over 1500 Israelis at Passover Seders, discos, pizza parlors, restaurants, shopping malls, buses, bus stations, synagogues and other civilian locations....including seven worshipers murdered by a Palestinian Arab terrorist at a synagogue in the eastern part of Jerusalem on January 27, 2023. 

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Neve Yaakov’s American Roots

News reports about the Neve Yaakov synagogue massacre have characterized that Jerusalem neighborhood as an “Israeli settlement” located in “predominantly-Palestinian East Jerusalem.”

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Column: Omar’s Removal is a Frightful Omen for All Other Israel-Bashers

As the competing votes tracked upward on the Congressional scoreboard last week, my memory summoned up a moment more than two decades ago when I spotted an anti-Israel sketch posted on a bulletin board at work. It featured a message that compared Israel to the civil rights struggles in the South.

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