Ellen Kowitt

Marketing and Communications Professional. Genealogist. Jewelry Artist. Kehillah Builder.

Rumble in the Jungle at Har HaShem

"An Enchanted Evening in the Rain Forest" will be a fun and entertaining night accompanied by delicious food, dancing, and friendship in honor of the founders of Congregation Har HaShem. Click the headlines for details.

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Why Read a Yizkor Book?

Learn why yizkor (memorial) books are considered "required reading" for researching Jewish community history and tracing family roots.

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How-To Talk on Genealogy Research Sunday

JGSCO member Judy Petersen started researching her family after overhearing her father talk about being an orphan after his parents and brother died. Hear the whole megillah Sunday at Har HaShem.

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The DNA Shoah Project

Scientists are building a database of genetic material from Shoah survivors and their immediate descendants. Learn more about the DNA Shoah Project at an upcoming presentation.

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