Beit Dvash Beekeeping Collective Launches at Boulder JCC

The Boulder JCC’s Milk and Honey Farm is abuzz with excitement as we announce the formation of Beit Dvash (בית דבש), a new community-based beekeeping collective. Building upon the Milk and Honey Farm’s mission of cultivating community through sustainable agriculture, Beit Dvash, meaning “Honey House” in Hebrew, invites community members ages 12 and up to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of apiculture (beekeeping).

Under the visionary leadership of its co-founders Beekeeper Tzuria and Beekeeper Micha’el, Beit Dvash will provide hands-on learning opportunities for participants to work alongside experienced apiarists in managing thriving honeybee colonies. Throughout the active beekeeping season from April to November, members will engage in essential hive maintenance tasks such as inspecting hive health, monitoring for pests and diseases, harvesting honey, and preparing colonies for winter.

Tzuria, co-founder of the collective and the Boulder JCC’s Teen Programs Coordinator, says, “We are thrilled to add Beit Dvash to the agricultural offerings at the Boulder JCC. Beekeeping is a fascinating window into the complex, yet well-orchestrated, world of nature and a powerful reminder of our interconnectedness. Members will learn skills in sustainable beekeeping practices and feel a sense of community and connection by working together towards a common goal of learning to care for pollinators and destigmatizing bees.”

Beit Dvash will kick off its inaugural season on Sunday, April 14th with an open house event for folks to meet the beekeeping team and learn more about Beit Dvash. The collective plans to maintain six active hives, ensuring an ample supply of honey for sharing among participants at the end of the season. Honey yields may be modest in the first year, but the real sweetness will come from the knowledge gained, and the bonds formed through this new, collaborative effort.

No prior beekeeping experience is necessary to join Beit Dvash, as training will be provided by the leadership team. Members ages 12–15 will receive a 50% discount on membership, as they will work alongside an adult member to ensure a safe and supportive learning environment. The collective welcomes all people who are committed to attending regular work shifts and participating in educational workshops throughout the season.

“After all, where would we be without bees and native pollinators?” adds Micha’el, co-founder of Beit Dvash and former Music Director of Congregation Bonai Shalom. “Tzuria and I are very excited to share this experience with the community and hope to inspire a new generation of stewards of the environment. This project is in total alignment with our tikkun olam values and mission as a couple. We’re deeply grateful to the Milk & Honey Farm and the Boulder JCC for supporting Beit Dvash.”

For those interested in joining Beit Dvash or learning more, please visit our website. Membership fees go towards covering the costs of hive equipment, queen bees, and medicinal supplies. We have a limited number of scholarship positions available.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a truly unique and meaningful community program. Join Beit Dvash and experience the wonders of beekeeping at the Boulder JCC.

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