The Candle, Feather and Spoon of Awareness

Our inner chametz.

The puffed up thoughts of our egos. The engorged and exaggerated themes of worry and the unsettled dust of our anxiety, depressions, resentments, to do lists that fill our mind.

All is revealed in the candle of awareness, we sit silently and turn our inner light towards all the thoughts that arises. Like bursting kernels of popcorn, they expand to fill the space we create in our minds.

And when they do appear, these consuming, mushy, doughy thoughts, with mindfulness, and a gentle feather-light touch, each thought is brought into the light, and swiftly, sweetly, brushed aside with love.

With compassion you say, “I see you,” I hear you” “I feel you” “I taste you” “You are welcome” “You belong” and finally, “Let me return home, return to my breath.” Again, and again, and again. It is our opportunity for liberation.

And the spoon, another element in our ancient act of ridding our home of chametz leading up to the celebration of Passover, it too has a role in our sacred inner awareness house cleaning.

As we sit, as we notice all that arises, all that passes away, our spoon fills with crumbs of insights, the essential ingredients of who we are. In these rare glimpses, we get to know ourselves pressed flat and flush with the reality of our lives. And when possible, we can allow it all to be engulfed in the loving flame of the Divine.

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