Letter: “Rock Throwing” is a Dangerous Crime

The news of three teens’ recent rock throwing highway spree, (“Three men arrested in connection with fatal rock-throwing spree“, Daily Camera 4/26/23) that killed one young driver, surely shocked Coloradans and many others around the nation. It illustrated just how dangerous, and deadly, such irresponsible behavior can be. Fortunately for America, such attacks are the exception, not the rule. Not so in Israel, where, for Israeli cars on West Bank highways, facing such dangers is the rule, rather than the exception. And yet, when the IDF arrests juveniles, incited by Palestinian media, for such acts, it is accused by Western media of child abuse. Far worse crimes are also minimized, such as the Passover car slamming stop of a car carrying Lucy Dee, and daughters Maia and Rina. They were then murdered in a barrage of bullets. The father and three remaining siblings, as well as much of Israel, was devastated by that horrific crime. Media reporting almost always omits, or downplays, such Palestinian actions, focusing instead on Israeli responses. No wonder much of the public and far too many Jews, display misplaced sympathy for the victimizers, rather than their victims.

Richard D. Wilkins
Syracuse, New York

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