Israeli NGO “Bartali – Youth in Movement” Organizes “Israel Ride” in Aspen, CO

Israeli NGO “Bartali – Youth in Movement” Organizes “Israel Ride” in Aspen, CO

by Ricky Eytan


So much has already been written about this country and yet, there is no doubt that the last few months have been testing our resilience as Israelis as we are now facing a complex period which is not likely to end any time soon.

Regardless of your political views, there is no denying that the sight of people fighting each other to the point of severe violence in the streets is heartbreaking. And it may very well be that beyond the far-reaching consequences of the planned reform, the most severe consequences will affect the strength of our society, its social cohesion and its most prominent characteristics – solidarity and mutual commitment as “Kol Yisrael Chaverim”.

Many individuals and organizations in Israel continue to ask themselves what is their role in striving for social cohesion and establishing trust among people from the various sectors of Israeli society.

We are one of those organizations.

Bartali – Youth in Movement (BYIM) is a unique Israeli nonprofit that operates a network of cycling centers for at-risk youth aged 13-18, who live mainly in youth villages and welfare boarding facilities throughout Israel, as a platform for social mobility.

We know how to leverage the enormous power inherent in long-distance offroad cycling journeys to strengthen the youth’s resilience, develop a sense of belonging, encourage ambition and a growth mindset.

Our annual programs are designed to impart cycling skills, promote motivation and self-discipline, expand the youth’s sense of responsibility and capability, aid in developing perseverance and determination and create a strong sense of teamwork.

This is so that when the time comes, our students will be able to integrate optimally into Israeli society.

To date, we operate a network of cycling centers in 10 youth villages and social-service boarding facilities throughout Israel, for over 300 children and youth annually.

BYIM was established in 2019 by the former Israeli pro cyclist Ran Margaliot, who was also the Co-founder and team manager of “Israel Cycling Academy”, Israel’s first Professional cycling team.
If you follow our educational work, you are most likely familiar with the story of Gino Bartali and his heroic deeds to help save the lives of hundreds of Italy’s Jews during WWll.

There is no need to explain why we see in Bartali the perfect role model for dedication, humility and giving back. His decision to keep his brave deeds a secret, inspires us to encourage a different kind of leadership. One that chooses actions over words. One that is not seeking a reward or recognition. A pure and selfless bravery, aimed to help make a difference in a stranger’s life.

Our wish is to try and leverage our joint passion for cycling to generate more ripples of influence. To become ambassadors of remembrance and of curiosity to learn more. To do more.

In light of the escalation and polarization in Israeli society today, we understand that we must address the new reality forced upon us and respond to it accordingly and within the framework of our activities with our youth.

We are doing everything within our power to refine our role within this crisis of trust and derive practical actions for social cohesion and focusing on the good, which, as Gino Bartali used to say, should be done and not just said.

As part of this mission, the positioning of the State of Israel as an integral part of the dialogue is just as important to us and therefore, we want to invite you to join BYIM for three incredible days of road & gravel rides in beautiful Aspen Colorado, in support of its educational programs.

Event Outline:

July 10:

Opening cocktail & event presentation

July 11-13:

Three (3) riding days in the scenic surroundings of Aspen, including some of the most beautiful routes of the area.

The rides are appropriate for virtually all levels of riders and will be guided by the professional Israeli instructors of Bartali Youth in Movement.

Pre-ride beverages, post-ride lunches and full ride nutrition will be provided.

This ride is dedicated to raise the funds needed to purchase a fleet of 300 new mountain bikes for our students at a cost of $1,000 USD per bike. A new fleet is needed to replace our worn bikes and maintain a high safety level.

Donation – minimum of $3,600 USD per participant / $5,000 per couple (or more). All ride entrance fees are 501c3 tax-deductible via PEF.

For more information and registration please click here If you have any questions, please contact Ricky at:

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