Colorado Jewish Climate Action Launching New Programs in Fall 2023

Denver, Colorado: — Colorado Jewish Climate Action is launching a series of new programs this fall to engage the Jewish community in bold climate action. Record breaking heat this summer and the recent devastation from wildfires in Hawaii underscore the urgency of the situation. Colorado Jewish Climate Action seeks to provide opportunities for Jews and Jewish communities to get involved. The three new programs are the Colorado Jewish Climate Corps, Greening Jewish Institutions, and Climate Mitzvah Projects.   

Colorado Jewish Climate Corps

The Colorado Jewish Climate Corps is a 9-month leadership training program that will include a teen cohort led by Jewish Youth Climate Movement leaders and an adult cohort led by CJCA leaders. Learning from rabbis, scientists, activists, and policymakers, corps members will develop the tools they need to advance climate action in their communities. Corps members will attend monthly meetings on a variety of topics ranging from environmental justice to advocacy work to climate grief. Participants will be eligible to apply for further support for climate action projects. The priority application deadline is September 9 and the final deadline is September 24.

Greening Jewish Institutions

The Greening Jewish Institutions initiative is designed to help Jewish organizations complete ambitious energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The initial focus of this program will be on Denver organizations with buildings over 25,000 square feet that are required to meet energy efficiency benchmarks to comply with the Energize Denver Ordinance. CJCA will also be working to coordinate a cooperative solar project. A virtual launch event was held on August 22 and the program is open to all Jewish organizations that own their own buildings.

Climate Mitzvah Projects

The Climate Mitzvah Project initiative is designed to guide mitzvah students towards climate-themed service projects. CJCA has compiled a list of projects ranging from working at a local urban farm to directing a film for the Colorado Environmental Film Festival. CJCA is also offering a free experiential 45-minute lesson to communities in the Front Range region. The lesson will make connections between climate action mitzvah projects and Jewish teachings. More information about these programs can be found at or by emailing

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