Back to School with Bonai

Congregation Bonai Shalom is very excited to welcome new and returning families to our Religious School!

Registration is well underway for the 23-24 school year- Thank you to all the families who have already registered! Your early commitment helps us make headway on many critical decisions, including class combinations, teacher and room assignments, and budget. Register here

For families interested in learning more about our Religious School program, please join us this Friday, August 25th at 5:30pm for our Family Kabbalat Shabbat! Bring a picnic to enjoy with the whole family in Bonai’s backyard under our tent. Families will eat at 6:15, challah and grape juice will be provided for kiddush. More details here!

Our School Team has been hard at work on the school calendar, budget, teacher recruiting and handbook, re-launching the education committee, making curriculum decisions, and organizing space and supplies. Rabbi Charna, Acting Director of Programming (part-time), and Gali Beh, Acting Director of Administration (part-time), are pleased to share their combined vision for the school year:

“This is a year of transition as we reimagine what we want the school to be and search for the best Education Director to match our vision. It’s important to practice prudent custodial care of the school, ensuring we maintain what makes it an enriching, engaging, and fun experience for our students.

Rabbi Charna will lead on the team’s vision for this year’s school programming. Rabbi Charna’s student-centered approach includes experiential and engaged learning that honors the deep roots of Jewish tradition. This year’s theme for the school will be Ruach, Kavod, Kesher – Spirituality, Respect, Connection. She is committed to cultivating an open-door, open-heart policy for both students and parents. Reach Rabbi Charna at

Gali will lead on the team’s vision for school administration with a healthy and productive team of staff, teachers, and volunteers working together to focus on near-term top priorities (while also keeping track of strategic decisions that await the future permanent Director). Gali will focus on building systems and processes that ease collaboration and communication across the school team as well as with parents and volunteers.”
Reach Gali at

Please join us in a year of gentle innovation, experimentation, and growth – keeping all that has worked and making improvements where we can, to set the future Education Director up for success with a relatively easy transition to a vibrant and high-performing school community.

To view our upcoming family programs and events, please click here.
Interested in attending High Holiday services? Take a look at our family and teen programs and services here.
Questions? Call our office at 303-442-6605 or email


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