Celebrate Shavuot 2023: Foundations of Righteous, Justice & Law

Join Haver, the Rabbinic Council of Boulder, in celebrating SHAVUOT 2023! This year’s carefully cultivated theme, “Foundations of Righteousness, Justice & Law,” provides an opportunity to study with Boulder rabbis and learn from community activists.

“We are excited to offer two discussion panels this year,” says event organizer Rabbi Marc Soloway of Congregation Bonai Shalom. “We will have our traditional Rabbi’s Panel talking about how the theme צדא וּמשׁפט מכוֹן כסאוֹ  (tzedek oomeeshpat mechon kisoh) influences us as rabbis, and we will also have a second panel comprised of community activists who will share how their connection to Judaism impacts their perspectives of and work in the fields righteousness, justice and law.”

In addition to the two panels, Haver rabbis will lead several breakout sessions exploring the themes of justice, considering what it means to be a righteous person, and how Jewish law intersects with daily life.

Shavuot festivities kick off at 7:30pm on Thursday, May 25 and end around 1:30am on Friday, May 26th with midnight meditation (celebrated at Halachic midnight at 12:57am).

The program will be held in person at Congregation Bonai Shalom as well as be offered online with limited livestream programming: https://venue.streamspot.com/4f58b8e0.

SHAVUOT 2023! is sponsored by Haver, the Rabbinic Council of Boulder, and is free and open to everyone.

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