Mensches Worth Mentioning: Caroline Saliman

We all know it’s nearly impossible for to fully understand the changes and ramifications brought on by of Pandemic. Imagine what’s in the minds of little children who are being told they need to stay at home from school, can’t see their friends, can’t hug their grandparents, and that they have to wear masks, like all the adults around them, when they are outside around others.
Considering what kids are thinking about has been the job, and passion of Caroline Saliman for years, and especially since she started teaching pre-school at the Boulder JCC 18 years ago. Caroline, a natural story teller with a love of drawing and doodling, has been writing and illustrating little books for the children in her preschool class when ever the spirit moves her.

Wearing a mask is something that moved her. That’s why she created an on-line book called “Masks Are a Mitzvah,” to help explain this new necessity to her students. “I got the idea for the book because kids are seeing people with masks and people they love wearing masks and it’s a scary thing,” says Caroline.

“Doing a mitzvah is common language at our school that we always use with the kids. And in fact, i believe wearing a mask is a mitzvah, and our kids know all about doing kind things for each other and for animals and the world. I started out by thinking what language could I use so they would get what the masks were for, and mitzvah was already in their vocabulary.”

After creating the book for her own preschool class, Saliman passed the on-line version on to other teachers in the school, and soon the book made its way into the inbox of teachers at the the Denver JCC, and other educators. “It’s a great honor to have this shared around by other teachers!”

To get a link to Saliman’s book, you can email her at

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