Baby Boomlet? JScreen Offering Discounted Genetic Screening

JScreen is able to offer genetic screening for $36 for the Denver/Boulder community. Go to to use the coupon code ColoradoScreens, which will make testing $36 (with insurance) for anyone ages 18-45 living in Colorado. . 

Particularly with news that there may be a baby boom nine months now, JScreen wants to make it easy for people to get screened. Beyond the obvious, there are some essential steps a couple can take when starting to plan a family, including securing vital information that can help them take the journey safely together. Genetic screening before having a baby is one of those essential steps. This testing provides couples with knowledge, and knowledge is power.

JScreen is a national online genetic screening program based at Emory University School of Medicine’s Department of Human Genetics. The program tests for more than 200 different genetic diseases and provides follow-up genetic counseling to discuss test results, helping couples navigate the journey toward a healthy family. 

Thankfully, genetic testing through JScreen is conducted from the safety of one’s home. With its simple spit test, JScreen provides a safe and confidential way to get tested. In the age of social distancing, this is now more important than ever.

JScreen is there for couples who are trying to conceive and for those who are already pregnant. At a time when many OBGYNs are limiting office visits, JScreen’s online service is invaluable.  JScreen sends copies of test results to the individual and to their doctor.  

JScreen is a non-profit community-based public health initiative dedicated to preventing Jewish genetic diseases. Headquartered in Atlanta at Emory University School of Medicine, the JScreen initiative is a collaboration among clinical geneticists, socially-minded businesses, and non-profits to provide everyday people with a ready access point to cutting-edge genetic testing technology, patient education and genetic counseling services. JScreen believes the combination of education, access to premier gene screening technologies and personalized, confidential support are the keys to preventing these devastating diseases.

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  1. They are such an incredible organization! My husband and I used JScreen for our genetic testing and refer all of our friends to them.