Boulder Focus Group on Firearm Use

If you live in Boulder County and think it is important for people to have conversations about the use of firearms in our country, read on!

John Sarrouf, the Director of Program Development & Strategic Partnerships from the Public Conversations Project (PCP) will be in Boulder and is leading a focus group of individuals who are on the liberal side of the issue on Wednesday, March 16th at 7:00 pm. Space is limited, so act fast.

What does this all mean? The Public Conversations Project has been working to see if conversations on firearms could help our country move forward on this issue and come to some meaningful understanding and diminish the distrust and polarization that results from a badly held conversation. To that end they are doing some focus groups on the issue.

PCP is interested in learning more about the perspectives people have about guns and the way in which they came to those perspectives. PCP does not take any position on the gun issue itself – and is totally non-partisan, nor do they have any policy agenda. If communities want to have conversations about issues PCP can help them do that, but they never advocate a course of action. All they advocate for is a better conversation and want to see if they can make a difference on that.

What would making a difference mean?

  • People would be willing, interested, and eager to listen and learn from people who believe differently than they do.
  • People would feel more trusted by and trusting of those with whom they differ.
  • People could see their overlapping values and interests and not just their differences.
  • People might find common activities that they could do together to make their communities safer.
  • New partnerships could be formed to address issues that are important to both or to respond to emerging events and need.

More information is available upon request. Email Shari for more to register or for more information:

About Shari Edelstein

Shari is a foundation and nonprofit consultant based in Boulder.

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  1. That’s really important information for the boulder country. One of my cousin lives in a boulder country and sometimes he feels really unsecure. I have send him his link

  2. The only guns that the government should be able to mandate using this technology are the ones they own. In other words, the police and military.
    They have just released minimum standards for a law enforcement firearm with this technology. Will be interesting to see if anyone can meet the standards.