All Words Are Words of the Living God

Lately, I have found myself reading some of the great classics written about the general Chassidic Movement, by some of the most famous modern day Jewish authors.

Having been blessed to grow up in a warm and loving Chassidic household, with parents who are passionate followers of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, a man who was perhaps the most radical, rebellious and progressive man to  have ever lived, I was truly surprised to read so many old and new stories packaged so well, with many new lessons I had never even thought of before.

Although many of the writers openly professed to not actively leading the “Chassidic lifestyle” they were still able to carefully study, examine and dissect many of the most famous Chassidic stores and teachings and find highly valuable lessons that anyone could use to live their everyday lives in a far more enriched manner.

This got me thinking about the various roles we all play in Gods most beautiful master plan. They are so many different sides of the spectrum. In Judaism alone we have so many different schools of thinking, at times it cynically seems that perhaps the only thing we ALL agree upon is that our way is truly the right way, above all else.

However, the truth is that we all think the same in many more ways, then we could ever even imagine. God created this world with so much diversity, no two people are the exact same, no two creations are exactly the same, and in this lies our true beauty.

God needs each and every one of us— for his own purposes—and for the purpose of others around us who he created.

It is us who fulfills God and it is God who fulfills us. Everything that God created has a specific purpose for which it was designed for.

The reason that no two people were created exactly the same, is due to the fact that if there were two exact carbon copies, what’s the need for the second one?

God desired that he would have many different relationships with many different people, who would all speak to him in their own special unique language, with just one caveat, that the speaking be done in sincerity.

The Gemara relates that the schools of Hillel and Shammai were deeply divided concerning certain matters of halachah (Rashi clarifies that the quarrel was intensifying to the point of conflict, since it was almost like there were two Torahs). At that point, a bat kol (Heavenly Voice) is heard, which says elu v’elu divrei elohim chayim… “These and also those are the words of the living God…”

We all play different roles in creation. In order to do so we are all wired a bit differently. however God desired that all of us would come together in unison and weave all of our most beautiful threads (personalities, views, beliefs, etc) into a most magical tapestry, which when completed, signifies the ushering in of a new era, an era of peace, an era of universal love to all and by all, an era where all creations see the hand of God openly in all aspects of their lives.

This order can only happen when we recognize that the words spoken by all creations, are words spoken by the creator himself, as inside of every creation lies it’s creator energy and a part of it’s creators very own makeup. Every happening that happens to and through every single creation, is carefully preplanned and arranged by it’s very special and most loving creator for the betterment of all involved!

May we all be blessed to see that hand of our creator in all areas of our lives, and may we have the great era of Mashiach, the era of peace and love for all humans with each other and with the Creator.

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