Classmates: Israelis and Palestinians Learning Together

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If you Google Murray Richtel, you are apt to find some of the many opinion pieces he has written for the Boulder Daily Camera over the last two decades, all expressing his views on Israel and the prospects for peace in the Middle East.

You are also likely to find his recent credentials as an arbiter, and his long history as a teacher and practitioner of law in Boulder.

Or you might find that he is giving a talk titled “Classmates: Israels and Palestinians Learning Together” on Thursday, May 8 at noon at the Boulder JCC, as part of Menorah’s Lunch and Learn series.

Richtel joined the CU Law School faculty in 1971, where he taught evidence, contracts, and trial practice. He is probably best known for the 19 years he served as a Boulder County District Court Judge, beginning in 1977, where he presided over a wide variety of civil and criminal litigation. Following his appointment to the District Court bench, he continued to be involved in teaching a broad range of topics ranging from historic trials to negotiations at both the law school and in continuing legal education programs. He also was involved in judicial education for new judges for 15 years.

Today, the retired judge holds dual American and Israeli citizenships, and since 1998 has been teaching on an annual basis at the Hebrew University Law School in Jerusalem as an adjunct professor. He has also taught courses for Israeli judges, both civil and military, and in the Israeli Ministry of Justice.

Since 2007, Judge Richtel has taught a seminar to Israeli students from Hebrew University and Palestinian students from Al-Quds University, who study together in Jerusalem. This enlightening endeavor is the subject of the talk Richtel will give at Menorah’s lunch and learn May 8.

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  1. While pondering about Israelis and Palestinians Learning Together, don't forget to support the U.S. defunding terrorist organizations. This may help Israelis and Palestinians LIVING together