Week in Review: March 15th, 2013

bjn-logo8-200x200-blueShabbat shalom! Film film film this week as the Boulder Jewish Film Festival shines a spotlight on an outstanding set of films. Congratulations to Menorah and Kathryn Bernheimer! There are still more films this weekend before the final night party. If you haven’t attended any yet, now is the time! If you did – what did you see and do you recommend it?

And the countdown to Passover continues – so we’ve included a section below to round-up the latest Passover news. You can also check the BJN Passover page (bookmark it!) which even includes links around the web. You can order Kosher for Passover wines this year – check the link below and note that orders are due by Sunday, March 17.

Rabbi Phyllis Sommer is using Instagram this year – renamed #exodusgram – as part of #blogexodus. Not sure what any of that means? She has published a list of topics for each day, and people around the world are sharing photos that illustrate the topics. Follow the tweets on the BJN home page and click on the photo links (you don’t need a Twitter or Instagram account, just a web browser). If you want to join in, please keep us posted.

Finally – I know we are all searching for the latest fun (or seasonal or healthy!) foods to incorporate with traditional ones at our celebrations. Pinterest is a great place for discovering holiday recipes! This one looks yummy and has been modified to make it kosher for Passover. Click the photo to get to the whole recipeThe rest of the Week in Review continues below the photo!   –CF



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