Tikun Leil Shavuot

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Morah Yehudis Fishman

Profuse thanks to all the members of Haver for a wonderful array of inspiring and interactive Torah learning throughout the entire night of Shavuot as well as on the afternoon of the second day-all prefaced by a delicious evening meal prepared by the Goldfeder family. Torah is after all the fountain from which all Jewish values and teachings emerge, and to be in trans-denominational community study is as close as Boulder Jewry gets to standing at Sinai together.

Special thanks to Rabbi Marc Soloway for putting much time and effort into hosting and organizing this sacred event. If you benefited in any way from the evening, please express your appreciation to him directly. Also if you wish to continue to hold the spirit and content of Shavuot after the calendar date has passed, consider attending his stimulating weekday Talmud class on Wednesdays at noon at Bonai Shalom.

With blessings for a year filled with Torah and commitment to Judaism, both individually and communally,

Yehudis Fishman

About Morah Yehudis Fishman

I have been teaching Torah and Chassidic writings for over forty years to students of all ages and backgrounds, both on the East Coast and the Midwest. I have been a director of several Jewish organizations in Santa Fe and Colorado. My articles and poetry on a wide variety of Jewish topics have been printed in many publications, and also are available online.

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