Saliman Named Grinspoon-Steinhardt Winner

Caroline Saliman, second from left, is this year’s Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award winner.

On Sunday, nearly 100 Boulder-area Jewish educators gathered for the annual Chidush Jewish educator workshop.

Local education directors chose to bring in Ron Berger, Chief Academic Officer, Expeditionary Learning Schools. A few of them had either seen him speak or had read his book and were thrilled when he agreed to come to Boulder to present. The work of Ron Berger and his colleagues at Expeditionary Learning Schools is inspirational and naturally reinforces the Jewish values of social justice, questioning and compassion. “We are so grateful to them for providing the type of leadership that makes professional trainings like this both possible and effective,” said Amy Atkins. 

Caroline Saliman, a long time teacher in our community, was honored with this year’s Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award. This award recognizes teachers in communities across North America who have made a commitment to the field of Jewish education, honoring outstanding classroom-based teachers in formal Jewish educational settings (early childhood through grade 12). Saliman has been an educator in our community for nearly two decades, ranging from preschool to camps and alternative programs. The story she shared and the passion she exuded reaffirmed for the attendees why she was chosen for the award.

Atkins said, “Having all of these passionate, enthusiastic teachers in one room makes me feel reassured that Jewish education in Boulder County is of the highest quality. It is inspiring to see how excited our teachers are about making sure they are the most effective they can be in the classroom to best help their students.”

Ron Berger, Chief Academic Officer, Expeditionary Learning Schools
Ron Berger, Chief Academic Officer, Expeditionary Learning Schools

Other comments about the workshop and the speaker, relayed by participants:

It changed my whole view of teaching.

It was inspiring and encouraging

The presentations were of such a practical nature that it was easy to visualize how Project Based Learning can be implemented in Jewish Education

Congratulations to all involved!

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  1. Mazel Tov Caroline on this award. You are most deserving of this honor. The Boulder community is so lucky to have you. Few among us have not been touched by your incredible ruach in some way over the years and, although I can't speak for all parents, I'm sure many are as thankful as Lisa and I that you (and Leah) were there to help shape our children into the beautiful young women they are today. You teach, you inspire and you are truly a light that brightens up the world around you. I am honored to call you my friend and I couldn't be happier for you.