Week in Review: November 9th, 2012

Shabbat shalom! Gosh a quiet week. . . just kidding!

The countdown to Chanukah began for many on Sunday, at Hadassah’s Home Business Boutique, which showcased artisans in weaving, painting, glasswork, pottery and textiles, as well as toys, chocolate, books and housewares. Tuesday was the election, Wednesday night was CHOICES, Thursday night was the Men’s Event. Whew! Now you have time on Shabbat to recover, then it’s the Celebrate the Jews of Cuba Menorah event – the next in their wildly successful “Celebrate the Jews of ________” series.

On the east coast, though, the challenges continue in a way many of us cannot even imagine. This week’s nor’easter brought heavy snow and more power outages to the hardest hit communities. We have updated the Help for Hurricane Sandy Victims  page on this site with additional ways to give. And for those of you who remember “knitzvah” – we’re collecting hats/scarves/mittens to send to a group in New York. Need a pattern? We’ve been posting links on the Boulder Jewish News Facebook page. The first box will go out on Friday and then another next week – let us know on Facebook or in the comments if you’d like to craft together!

A word about Facebook. . .which has been giving no small amount of grief to “fan pages.” If you already “Like us” on Facebook, here are a couple of things you can do to continue to see BJN posts:

  • On the BJN Facebook page, hover over the “Liked” button and a drop-down menu will appear. Select “Show in News Feed” to see the updates, or Add to Interest Lists (if you use those).
  • If you see an update on Facebook and “like” the status update, it will help those posts appear for others (magically, algorithmically).

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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