New Ipad or iPhone? New Apps!

A recent CNBC study found that half of all households in America now owns an Apple product, and many own more than one.  With that in mind, a few new apps are out that we thought might be of interest – especially at this time of year! This is just a selection, there are many more.

Keeping Kosher for Passover? There’s an app for that! The Orthodox Union (OU) has released an app for iphone/ipad that tracks kosher status of everyday products. Called “OU Kosher,” the app includes Kosher for Passover products, product alerts, new certifications, and general info. Product details include brand names that you may even find in local stores.

Carry a Pocket Haggadah? There’s an app for that! Now you can prep for the holiday wherever you are, in case you need a refresher on the order or the blessings – which are included in Hebrew and English. And of course, “Instructions for when to drink the cups of wine.”

Want a bigger one? There’s another app for that! The Haggadah App one was funded on and is “the world’s first multimedia Haggadah built for the iPad.” Featuring songs, recipes, an alternative approach to the seder from Amichai Lau-Lavie, founder of Storahtelling, audio commentary from Rabbi Irwin Kula of CLAL, and even activities for kids.

iMahNishtana – no we are not kidding, there’s an app for that. Kids, don’t let us down. Practice a little before the seder.

Beyond apps – “A Rugrats Passover” is available on iTunes, and there’s even “Gluten Free Passover Cookbook” in the iBooks store.

Not just for Passover: Kids just want to play, you want them to learn Hebrew – There’s an app for that!

Israeli iPad app developer Gil Weiss recently released a new educational Hebrew app – Kids 1st shape puzzle – learning animals, alphabets & numbers is “an entertaining and fun-filled word learning game in English and Hebrew.” This puzzle-based app is great for kids ages 2+, as it includes all the basic words – אלף בית,numbers, colors, house things, fruits and vegetables and more. Check it out!


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  1. We've released an app for Passover titled A Cantor's Seder
    Hazzan Emanuel Perlman narrates and sings through the entire app. It features a customize your Seder feature to only include the chapters of the haggadah you'd like to use in your Seder, hand drawn illustrations, and more. We think it's a unique and engaging way of joining Tradition with Technology.